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Reading and Spelling

We utilize research-based methodologies based on the Science of Reading, Structured Literacy, and The Orton-Gillingham Method.

What makes us successful!

  • We conduct thorough and complete dyslexia testing.
  • We provide direct 1:1 instruction at least 2 times per week with each client.
  • We customize the pace of our instruction to help students progress as quickly as they can, but as slowly as the need.
  • Students’ progress through an established sequence of reading concepts, moving from the simplest to the more complex.
  • All work is completed in a simultaneously multi-sensory fashion. Simply stated, a client sees it, hears it, says it out loud, touches it, and moves it around all at the same time. This increases the ability to engage more areas of the brain so that learning can more easily occur.
  • Each client is tested periodically during the instructional process by certified specialists to ensure mastery of the concepts and materials learned.
  • Our specialists are highly trained through a recognized expert in the field of dyslexia. Continuing education is ongoing.
  • Our specialists are sensitive to the unique needs of struggling readers and are adept at building confidence and self-esteem through the instructional process.
  • A client is given ample opportunity for practice so that mastery is achieved for each concept. Mastery is critical for progress through our system. You WILL see progress.
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"The scores on our daughter’s most recent re-evaluation are jawdropping. She has gone from reading 13 words on a word identification subtest to 113 words in a year!! Her score went from 67 to 107! Her spelling score went from a 77 to a 99! She was at an early first grade reading level last year and is now testing at mid third grade! We are so thankful for sweet Miss Lori and all she’s done for us!"


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Reading Write Alaska diagnoses and treats a variety of speech, language, and learning impairments, and occupational therapy. We have offices in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla.