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~ Jessica says: “18 months ago I was panicking because my son was EXTREMELY behind in reading. His teachers were really concerned and starting to talk about putting him in pull-out reading groups or special ed. I knew there had to be more choices than removing him from his class. That’s when I found Heather at Reading Write Alaska. We made our weekly visits to Heather, then bi-weekly. My son loves Heather as do I. He is now reading above average and at grade level. He loves reading and begs for new books. Heather has changed our lives forever. Reading Write Alaska, Heather and her staff are a gift from God. There is no other way to explain how much one person (or program) has changed the life of my child. I no longer worry how he will be able to achieve in the world in front of him, he now has the power that reading gives to us all. Thank you Heather and Reading Write Alaska for giving him his future!!!!!”

~ Tawni says: “We attend the Reading Write Alaska Wasilla Clinic, the experience has been very pleasant and effective. I have seen consistent improvement and intend to have my son (8 years old, 3rd grade) continue on with the program until completion. Miss Kayla is a pleasure to work with and communicates extremely well with my son and keeps me updated on progress, struggles and successes. She is very encouraging, kind and resourceful. She goes the extra mile to help ensure success sending home notes, reminders and cheat sheets my son can reference at home and school when doing his work. We appreciate her willingness and flexibility to encourage my son to succeed, for example she and my son came up with a points and rewards system during sessions that he can earn Pokemon cards I provided for incentive to keep him engaged and promote giving 100% effort. They work together well as a team and I appreciate her enthusiasm.”

~ Elizabeth says: “After trying everything under the sun to help our son with reading and writing (pulled out of class for reading, RTI, IEP, vision therapy, homeschooling, back to public school), Reading Write Alaska finally had the answer for why he struggled so much. He has dyslexia and dysgraphia. No one even suggested dyslexia before we came to Reading Write Alaska, but he fit ALL of the symptoms. The results of his work with Kristin at the Wasilla office has been incredible. He has picked up books and started reading on his own for the first time in his life. He has always loved listening to books, but he hated reading unless it was a comic book or graphic novel. I was shocked when I saw him crack open a novel like it was no big deal. Reading Write Alaska has given us an answer. We finally know WHY he struggled, and now we have a program that is actually helping him improve. And the best part is it’s five minutes from our house in Wasilla.”

~ Sarah Says: “Reading Write ALASKA has been such a blessing! The team and experience has provided education, empowerment and advocacy. Our son’s reading and spelling proficiency increases weekly. The Barton program has unlocked his potential and desire for reading. Thank you so much, RWA team!”

~ Alena says: “Prior to beginning his sessions with Lynice at Reading Write Alaska, my son had little confidence in his ability to spell and write. Since beginning his sessions with her his confidence has dramatically improved and he is excited for every appointment. Lynice makes the appointments enjoyable for him and is very encouraging to him. Now as a bonus my other child is also receiving help from Lynice. We are so happy to have found this great place!”

~ Sara says: “We just met with our son’s teacher. HUGE improvement over last year. Last year he had an A, B, C, D and an F. This year it is A’s!”

~ Adrianna says: “I forgot to tell you today that I had our son’s conference last Friday and his teacher said he is the strongest reader in his class.”

~ Erin says: I can’t express enough how amazing Reading Write Alaska is! My son sees Kayla at the center in Wasilla and I have seen such an improvement in his speech in just four short months. Not only has his speech improved greatly but so has his confidence. I would highly recommend taking your child here!

~ Kari Says: “I wanted to send a video for you to post on RWA’s facebook page. We’ve come so far in 6 months!!! It’s so exciting!

Praise For the Barton System

Laurie E. Cuddy, Fellow
Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

“My name is Laurie Cuddy. I live in Southern Oregon, where I have a private practice tutoring and consulting.”

“I have been working with dyslexics using Orton-Gillingham since 1983. For about twenty years I worked at the Kildonan.”

Dr. Annie Lopez
Andrews University
Center for Reading, Learning, and Assessment

“I have used other Orton-Gillingham-based programs before. They helped with reading, but the spelling part was always left behind. As a tutor, I was frustrated because the child’s spelling was still a problem.”

“But in the Barton System, spelling is taught right along.”

Diana Orton-Johansson
Dublin, CA

“I am an educator with seventeen years of elementary experience. I am currently working with two students in the Barton System. One is a first grader who was retained last year. She had a very difficult time hearing and breaking up sounds. She is now able to break words down into their individual sounds. Her mother reports that she is sounding out words for the very first

Sarah Manchester, Reading Specialist
Valley View Elementary
Jonesboro, AR

“I am a reading specialist for the Valley View School System, and we have targeted Barton intervention for those students who display signs of dyslexia.”

” I have tried two other Orton Gillingham based programs, and yours is my favorite. It is the easiest to use, requires fewer materials,

Lisa Hartley
Pleasanton, CA

“My son has made tremendous progress in the Barton System. When he started as a first grader, he could only read short two- and three-letter words. Reading was a chore. Even with flash cards and repetition, he wasn’t getting it.”

“My other student is a fourth grader. She came into

Tina Mukai
San Jose, CA

“Thank you for the Barton System. It has changed my daughter’s life.”

“We felt she was underperforming in school. After finding your website, we had her tested for dyslexia.”

Reading Write Alaska is also an approved vendor for all local homeschool programs

Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK
Speech Therapy in Anchorage, AK