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Could it be Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a neurological disability that hinders language processing which can cause difficulty with reading, writing and spelling. At Reading Write Alaska, we are uniquely qualified to treat dyslexia and other language learning impairments. Please read more about our specific areas of treatment, or call our office and speak with one of our clinicians.

Facts About Dyslexia

How can you help yourself or your child become a better reader? If you have concerns about your child's reading ability, even if his or her teachers haven't yet brought poor reading ability to your attention, the best thing you can do is to have your child evaluated by someone experienced in testing academic achievement, language processing, auditory memory, phonological awareness, sound/symbol awareness, decoding, and encoding.

This is because the earlier dyslexia is identified, the easier it is to remediate, and the better chance your child has of being successful in school. Because dyslexia impairment ranges from mild, moderate, severe and profound, often children with a more mild presentation of symptoms are overlooked until they have struggled for many years and are facing academic failure. With an incredibly high prevalence rate of dyslexia in the overall population, (current estimates are as high as 20%), dyslexia is a very common, yet under-diagnosed, condition.

Once your child has been identified as having a reading disorder, you should immediately begin remediation. Individuals with dyslexia CAN read, but they generally need to be taught differently from individuals without dyslexia. Your child's school may or may not be the best place for your child to receive this individualized instruction. Work closely with your child's diagnostician and teachers, as well as spend time doing your own research into various programs, so as to identify the program that will work best for your child.

Warning Signs

Elementary School:
Trouble with math:
High School, College, or Adult:

"The scores on our daughter’s most recent re-evaluation are jaw
dropping. She has gone from reading 13 words on a word identification
subtest to 113 words in a year!! Her score went from 67 to 107! Her
spelling score went from a 77 to a 99! She was at an early first grade
reading level last year and is now testing at mid third grade! We are so
thankful for sweet Miss Lori and all she’s done for us!"


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